USB killer V3.0

USB killer V3.0 High Voltage Pulse Generator USB Killer

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Latest Upgraded USB killer V3.0 U Disk Killer Miniature High Voltage Pulse Generator USB Killer  Accessories Complete


  • Any intelligent device for USB interface (computer, TV, music player, punch card machines), can do the tolerance test. And suitable for mobile phone with OTG.
  • Portable battery, mobile phone charger, public charging station, etc. is mostly invalid. There is a risk of damage, please be careful to test.
  • In short circuit test, do not short-circuit continuously for more than 20 seconds, will be damaged due to high temperature.
  • Output high voltage, please do not touch


  1. Input voltage: 4.5 – 5.5 V DC
  2. Output voltage: -215 V DC
  3. Pulse Frequency: 4 – 8 times / second
  4. Pulse current: ≥180A


  • High voltage, power must be off after standing for 2 minutes, until the release of more than electricity, and then carefully openings on the motherboard!
  • After more than 20 seconds off electricity to about 100V, 70 seconds after the drop to less than 30V! You can touch the board!

What is the new version upgrade?

  1. Solve the USB killer V2.0 problem of unstable extension cable, By the test, extension line 5 meters long, killer can still release pulse. Nothing can stop it from releasing high voltage pulses.
  2. The usb killer V2.0 capacitor is fragile and easy to break, the new arrival upgraded version has improved the production process, is not easy to damage.

How many times can the product be used? How to extend its service life?

  1. If you use the product correctly, you can use it many times.
  2. Do not use more than 20 seconds each time, because the use of the product in the case of short circuit for more than 20 seconds will lead to too hot.
  3. In general the product will play a role in 5 seconds, do not need to wait for a longer time.

USB killer mainbody:



Rich mobile phone adapter modules:

Using these modules, USBKiller can be plugged into mainstream phones.




Tester for usb killer:

Using the tester, the high pressure of usb killer is led to the black and red wires of the tester,

you will observe the phenomenon that usb killer release high pressure, without damaging the computer.






Package included:

  • USB killer * 1 (Plug and play, no manual)
  • Tester * 1
  • microUSB Android phone OTG adapter * 1
  • iphone Lightning OTG adapter * 1
  • iphone/Android TypeC OTG adapter * 1

Tip: Sometimes the shape of phone adapters may be different from the photo, but the function is the same.



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